Nisha Kothari's Kiss Mix !

Nisha Kothari's Kiss Mix !
You would assume that Nisha Kothari, that sexy chick from Ram Gopal Varma’s films, would not be easily shaken up when it comes to shooting for those oomphy numbers. The story goes that recently when she was shooting for RGV’s Agyaat(Adavi in Telugu) at Madh Island, the actress got thoroughly flustered. Why’s that you ask? Well, the song titled ‘Kiss Mix’ had lyrics that went ‘Kiss me all day and kiss me all night’, so whenever the music would be played out loud, the public would scream the song along with it. Naturally, Priyanka got intimidated and finally, Ramu had to wrap up the shoot there and shift to a studio to finish the song. Well, seems RGV’s songs can rattle anyone, remember Rann’s controversial song?

Jr NTR As 'Govindudu Andarivadu'

Jr NTR As 'Govindudu Andarivadu'

Young tiger NTR junior who was off the hook since quite a while due to election and accident is back into business. Since then he has been working non stop on his current movie with super hit director V V Vinayak. Meanwhile, NTR has also signed up for this new venture.
This has been titled ‘Brindavanam’ and ‘Govindudu Andarivadu’ is the caption for the film. This is being produced by the man with the golden hand Dil Raju while Vamsi Paidipalli of ‘Munna’ fame is the director. The music will be composed by Melody Brahma Mani Sharma.
The film will hit the floors in September starting and many say that the caption is more appealing than the title itself. The makers have roped in the buxom beauty Priyamani for the role of the leading lady so how does the caption suit the character of junior let us wait and see.


Tabu Joins Bikini Club In Next Movie?

Tabu Joins Bikini Club In Next Movie?

She is known as the hefty beauty of the Indian cinema and though she has attitude written all over her, she is still the most sought after actress. She is none other than Tabu and this Hyderabad beauty is a hot cake in the Bollywood circuit as well.

Now, a shocker has arrived from Bollywood with the news that Tabu is all set to come up with a bikini act. Many are wondering how this is possible and that too at the age 38???!!! It is said that this is happening for a Hindi movie shortly.

Tabu’s power of lusty appeal and sexuality was seen in movies like ‘Idhee Sangathi’ and ‘Pandurangadu’. So if she arrives with a bikini on, this will no doubt be a treat for many say the industry experts. Given her height and voluptuous figure, this will be a ‘tall’ experience for many.


Non-Cooperation For 'Magadheera' From Producers Council

Non-Cooperation For 'Magadheera' From Producers Council

It appears that the Producers Council has been coming up with rather revolutionary decisions and many say that this could involve a lot of consequences. Mainly, it is the stand that the council has been taking towards the TV channels when it comes to promoting the films and giving ads.

Sometime back, three big channels - MAA TV, ETV, Gemini TV were banned by the council and they were refrained from being given any film related ads. The council also went further by issuing no invites to these three channels for press meets and other film related events. The cause for this was said to be an expensive tariff quoted by these channels.

Now, even the ZEE Telugu has been joined into this league. Apparently, the channel is said to have mentioned that they were unable to come up with film teasers or ads during the primetime since the fees being given was not working out.

However, sources from the council say that the producers want to give a message that the TV depends on film industry but not vice versa.

Just when this tussle between the Producers Council and the TV channels has been getting hot, a move by film maker Allu Aravind seems to have rubbed salt on the wrong side. Apparently, Allu went ahead and gave the ‘Magadheera’ audio release event live to the MAA TV recently.

As per the industry sources, this has not gone well with the Producers Council and they have now said to have resolved that no support would be given to Allu Aravind in the event of any issue regarding this movie. It is also said that an anti-Allu Aravind group is coming together to come up with stern action due to this.

It is also heard that a motif was issued by the council demanding an explanation but no reply has been received from Aravind.

“Now, this has to be understood that if Allu Aravind faces any problem as producer either with exhibitors or any others, Producers’ Council will not stand for him”, says a birdie.

As it is, Allu has picked up friction in the political front in the PRP camp and now he seems to be picking up few more issues in his own film industry too.


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